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Take care of your financial dependents when you die with Life Insurance. Payment to your family whether your death is due to an accident or natural causes. The life insurance payment can give your family financial stability.  It could replace the loss of your income, pay off the mortgage and cover the cost of your raising children.

Guide to Life Insurance for pre-existing conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it can be difficult to obtain insurance. Fewer insurers will offer you insurance, depending on the severity of the condition, driving up premiums.

We have options to obtain life insurance quotes including:

... read more on Guide to Life Insurance for pre-existing conditions

Can you get over 50's Life Insurance?

Yes! We offer Life Insurance for over 50's and 60's. We can not compare life insurance for seniors online. You are best advised to give us a call on 08009202001 to discuss which life insurance is best for seniors.

Can you Review my Life Insurance?

Yes! We would recommend you talk to one of our Life Insurance Advisers to ensure we replace the policy with a better or like-for-like product.

Our Life Insurance Review service is free to give us a call on 08009202001 to discuss and obtain the best life insurance policy for you.

Can I get life insurance without medical checks?

Yes! We have insurers that will allow exclusions on past medical history and other options too.

You will be asked about your medical history on the application for life insurance. This may result in an Insurance Company asking for your medical records from your doctor. To determine if they will ensure you on standard rates, higher rates or not at all.

Though we do have insurers that will insure people with all sorts of medical history. We also have insurers that will provide life insurance with exclusions for the medical condition. We also have no medical life insurance policies.

If you have a medical history, you want to talk to one of our advisers. The online life insurance comparison tool is not designed for heightened risk policies.

Can I get life insurance without a mortgage?

Life Insurance and Mortgages are not entwined. We typically discuss them together as Life Insurance can be used to pay off a mortgage.

You may not have a mortgage but other debts to cover.

You may want to ensure children have money through education or fund university. If you are no longer alive to cover it. The life insurance payout can be used for any legal purpose.

How much life insurance do I need?

You can use our online Life Insurance Calculator to give you an estimate of how much cover you need. The rule is some is better than none.

Do you need life insurance to pay off your mortgage, or is paying it down enough for your loved ones to continue to meet payments. Do you have other debts such as Credit Cards and Loans? Will your partner or children need monies to support them for a few years in your absence. 

You may want to cover all of these or some, the best life insurance policy is one that is affordable today.

Can life insurance be canceled at any time?

You can cancel the policies from the insurers we use without any penalty. Some life insurance comparisons sites charge a fee on cancellation, we do not.

How do I buy life insurance?

To ensure you find the right cover at the best price it's a good idea to compare life insurance quotes. We allow you to compare life insurance online or take free advice.

Option 1: Online Life Insurance Quotes

Complete our short online form to let us know what type of life insurance cover you want. Our Online Life Insurance Quote allows you to compare life insurance products, premiums and policies. You can then make your own choice.

Option 2: Life Insurance Adviser

Call us on 08009202001 to receive personalised advice. A no-cost recommendation based on your need and requirements. From independent life insurance advisers.

Our panel of leading insurers includes: 

If you have questions or need help, don’t forget you can speak to one of our specialist advisers on the phone for free, impartial advice.

What type of life insurance do I need?

It's not easy to compare life insurance types but you can personally determine what type of life insurance you need. Though it's recomended you take advice to ensure you are adequately covered. 

When determining the type, we typically look at the Term and the Amount Insured.

The Term is the time you are insured for you can have "Term Life Insurance" or "Decreasing Life Insurance" with a specific end date or "Whole of Life Insurance" which runs continually up to death.

The Amount Insured is determined by you. Though you can have it at a fixed amount or with "Decreasing Life Insurance" it can reduce over the years. 

Whole of Life Insurance / Life Assurance

This insurance policy runs indefinitely or until you die. It is therefore guaranteed to pay out but premiums tend to be more expensive. 

Term Life Insurance / Fixed Life Insurance

This insurance policy runs for a set number of years and pays out if you due within the initial term.

Decreasing Life Insurance

This insurance policy runs for a set number of years and pays out if you due within the initial term. The amount that is paid out reduces every year of the term. It can be a cost-effective option (and useful to insure against a reducing mortgage balance.)

Joint Life Insurance

Joint Life Insurance has two insurable persons on the policy. It can be cheaper than two single policies but policies only pay out on the first death.

Why do I need Life Insurance?

Insurance to cover your death is often the most difficult to talk about. It's tempting to think it won't happen to me but that could leave the people you want to protect in difficult circumstances.

To answer "Why do I need Life Insurance?" ask what would happen tomorrow if you passed away. Any joint debt would still have to be paid by your partner, with reduced household income. Any sole debt would have collection agents wanting to take money from your estate to repay them. The mortgage either has to be paid or family move out to the smaller place. 

All of this for your loved ones to deal with whilst as well as the loss of you.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is so important because it pays out a lump sum of money on the death of the policyholder. Money to enable loved ones to remain in the family home, maintain their lifestyle and morn your loss without having to worry about money.

It may not be needed if you don't have any dependents. Life Insurance is there to cover your financial absence, such as to pay off any debts or even fund the funeral.

The funds can be used however your estate chooses but typically used to pay down or off your mortgage. Replace your lost income in the family home. 

On application, you determine the Term you want to be covered for and the amount of cover that is needed. The longer the term and larger the cover generally the higher the premiums you will pay.

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